December 12, 2017

Olivia Robertson Audio

(mp3 / 200kb / 30 sec.)
Audio transcript:
"All the zodiac is a part of us, although we have our particular sun sign.  Unless we relate to the whole lovely heavens, a little part of us is missing.  But know also that if we turn away from the Goddess, her lovely starry body has lost something.  Without each one of us, each creature, the Universe is incomplete."
(Recording of Olivia Robertson, art from cover of "Nuit of the Milky Way", copyright OR & FOI-Crossroads Media.)

December 7, 2017

Athena, Arcadian Awakening

"Athena, Arcadian Awakening" by Olivia Robertson is now available in paperback.  It includes eleven Fellowship of Isis liturgy rites and fifteen illustrations.  This is the last book Olivia wrote before her passing in 2013. 
From the introduction:  "My new book concerns spiritual awakening through the arts. We learn of the work of Elaine and Aiden, now qualified Alchemists in the FOI Priesthood. The Rainbow Flow of Divine Life, circulates through inter-communion spirals, pervading all beings. As we progress, we extend this awareness from Spirit Guides to the sphere of Angels and Devas who are advanced beyond us, and are therefore our teachers. The culmination of Divine Beings emanating from a Heavenly Sphere comes when we are ready for it, and can enjoy it. In Heaven there is no fear, nor evil. Why should we object to various names religious people give to these beings? Let us enjoy the reality of the whole company of heaven, without religious conflict." 
"Athena" may be ordered through or any other bookstore, and by public libraries.  You may also read it in full at any time on our website:

December 1, 2017

December Oracle

 "So you would be immortal!
To do so you need not only the dragon power of Spirit,
but the mind to appreciate it!"

The Oracle for December is from the Goddess Goda.  You may read it in full by clicking on the link below: 

(photo copyright Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD.)

November 21, 2017

Sun in Sagittarius

The Shrine of Sagittarius, Foundation Center Temple
"Presided over by The Morrigan, Queen of All Rivers at Full Flow,
all Springs and Wells, She is the Virgin Source – the Baive.
Her husband is The Dagda Mor, Chief of the Danaans
She is also An Cailleach, the Widow, She Who Weeps.
Where Her Daughter, a tributary, joins her,
a Goddess Centre is traditionally established.
The Castle is on the Banks of the River Derry,
which is a tributary of the ‘River of Healing’- the Slaney.
The FOI as a Daughter of the Goddess
has established the ‘New Awakening’
and dedicated it as the Druid Clan of Dana,
based in the Druid Grove
in the Wilderness in the grounds of the Castle."

(Written in May 2013 by Olivia Robertson and Minette Quick, photo copyright MEK.)

November 13, 2017

In honor of Olivia Robertson

On the anniversary of her passing four years ago, please join us in remembering Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis.  Here also is an audio clip of her speaking on transmuting negative emotions - click on the link:
Audio transcript, (mp3 / 1:00 min / 233 kb): 
"The Earth is starved for peace, but it is also tortured by ideas that seem to clash:  religions that disagree, people that disagree on the mental level.  And if that were not enough, we are torn aside by terrible emotions . . . righteous indignation - it usually calls itself righteous - revenge, jealousy, these things.  But they can all be - they're not worthless - they can all be transmuted into good.  Divine mind can take to itself our wild fantasies and beliefs, and a greater Love can take to itself all our lesser passions.  We cannot always agree with each other on this plane, but we can realize that what is good in us is one with everybody else, elsewhere."
Archival Link:
(Photo of Olivia at the Foundation Center Temple by K. McDonough.)

November 10, 2017

Samhain FOI Festival

"Together we offered love to all in the knowledge
that ultimately we are all connected through spirit,
supported by our beloved planet
which continues to supply our every need."

Read the full report on the Samhain Festival at the Foundation Center by clicking on the link below:

Archival Links:
Fellowship of Isis Letters
Fellowship of Isis Events

(Foundation Center gardens, copyright Durdin-Robertson)

November 1, 2017

November Oracle

"You would follow my ways?
Shut your eyes that you may see."
This month's Oracle is from the Goddess Artemis and you may read it in full by clicking on the link below:

(photo copyright Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD.)

October 30, 2017

Samhain Letter from Cressida Pryor

"We all return to the earth eventually
but the essence of the eternal Love that we live is ongoing."

The Samhain letter from Cressida Pryor, FOI Steward, may be read in full by clicking on the link below:

October 22, 2017

Sun in Scorpio

Blessings of the Sun moving into Scorpio!  You may listen to an audio file of Olivia Robertson, giving a past meditation here:

The Window of Scorpio Meditation
(mp3 file - 1 MB - 5 minutes)

Audio transcript:
"Visualize the Temple of all your dreams, surrounded by a rainbow of light .. . we enter through the southwest portal flanked by two mighty female sphinxes, wings reaching the glimmering roof. Now we notice four statues of a bull, a lion, an eagle and an angel! Let us approach the window of Scorpio in the West, overlooked by the golden eagle. We approach this window and seat ourselves before this stained glass surmounted by the sign of Scorpio. The picture shows a man in green robes holding aloft a wand entwined with a green and red cobra with raised hood. By him is a woman in purple robes, who is riding up on her tiger with her arms around his neck. Suddenly a wind rushes through the Temple, throwing open the window. Through it we see the brilliant ten stars of Scorpio shining above a mountain by the sea.

"You find yourself floating towards a red and emerald star, Antares. As you approach, you see a colour-filled land where fulfilled desires may be enjoyed. Think of this, enter this place - but beware! Do not lose yourself, caught by obsessive passions. Enter the paradise of fulfilled desire. Enjoy what you have longed for in your heart, and dared not feel. This divine within us - desire . . . love . . . but with it may come the desire of power over those we love. We face this in ourselves, to keep them safe within our own arms. With this comes jealousy, fear, hatred against a rival. . . there is the danger of total subservience, surrender to one person, one cause, one overriding desire. The cause for which we kill, for which we are manipulated. . .we are followers shouting slogans, filled with the obsessive passion for tribe . . . for ideal . . . for leader. And is the leader enslaved by passions?

"Here is the place of alchemy, these passions must be realized to be transmuted into Love, Beauty, Truth. The Truth of the idea, the Love within the passion. All evil slips away, transmuted into good. The power of the passions is enjoyed. And so we are enabled to receive love as well as give it, to give it as well as to receive. We regret being called back. We leave Antares, slowly withdraw, back away from this wonderful star, and come back before the stars by the doorway, of the Temple of the Zodiac."

Archival Links:
Fellowship of Isis Liturgy
FOI Audio Gallery

(Shrine of Scorpio in the Well Chapel at the Castle Foundation Center, copyright reserved. The altar cloth displays the FOI's Cosmic Web of the Universe.)

October 10, 2017

Tara of the Oracles

"Tara of the Oracles, The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates" is now available in paperback.  It includes 26 Liturgy rites and 14 illustrations by Olivia Robertson.
Olivia wrote in the introduction: "Now I propose taking the twins on a zodiac pilgrimage through the Tarot, because this brings them into contact with fellow pilgrims. They start off alone and end as part of a spiritual family. Well, that is to be hoped! If they fail – they can always try again. There is all the time in the world."
This book may be ordered through (or any other bookstore), and by public libraries as well.  You may also read it in full at any time on our website:

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October 1, 2017

Oct. Oracle: Radha

"When you invoke the Goddess, you may not succeed
unless you awaken the Goddess within yourself!"
The Oracle for October is from the Goddess Radha.  You may read it in full and listen to audio by clicking on the link below: 
(photo of Olivia Robertson in the Cave of the Mothers, Foundation Center Temple, copyright M. Quick.)

September 26, 2017

Autumn Equinox Festival

The bell then tolled, inviting the company to enter
through Persephone's gate and gather at the Well
for some timely words from Venus, Goddess
of Love, on 'The Opening of the Heart's Rose'.
Click below to read the full report on the Autumn Festival at the Foundation Center:

(photo, Brigid's Well, Foundation Center Temple © M. Quick.)

September 22, 2017

Equinox and Sun in Libra

Blessings of the Equinox and Sun entering Libra!  The photo of the Shrine of Libra was taken at the Foundation Center Temple, showing a statue of the Goddess Etain, carved by David Durdin-Robertson. You may also hear Olivia Robertson give a meditation on the "Window of Libra" by clicking the link below:

The Window of Libra
(mp3 file: 5:30 minutes / 1.25mb)

Audio transcript:
"How honored we are to be climbing the hill towards the Temple of the Zodiac. As we gaze at the stars wheeling around us, we realize that each star is the home of Divine intelligences and even mightier Beings and Deities who preside over whole galaxies. Is beyond our believing, yet each of us has a spark of star within us and we belong to the body of the Cosmic Mother. On we climb, up the hill, and we reflect that as each star is haven of Deities, bright beings we may become, yet there are also planets encircling, which are planetary schools for us, as is our Earth. We face the south-west portal of the Temple. It is flanked by mighty winged Sphinxes. Pass the Sphinxes and we enter. Look upon the twelve walls, these beautiful stained-glass windows are each crowned with a sign of the Zodiac.

"Come to the west window surrounded by the seventh sign, Libra: the scales of equal day and night, autumn and spring. The picture shows a Goddess beneath an Aspen tree, cradling the Yin-Yang egg. Think of a Goddess cradling it. The Consort of the Goddess encircles Her with His arms. Below we read the ancient words: 'The aspen will detain, The egg will all explain; Seek not; yourself be sought. All other search in vain.'

"A mighty wind rushes through the Temple, throwing open the window - feel this wind pouring through. We see through it the glittering constellation of Libra with its 28 stars. The star Se Han forms the south-western pan of the scales. Approach the window! Look at the constellation of Libra and enter into entirely other landscape of soft beauty, into this happy land of the Goddess Kwan Yin, full of all we have ever longed for, land of our heart's longing. Here we have the company of those we love, forever - or - as long as we choose. We make our own space and time in Infinity. Here grow the Peaches of Immortality. Taste them if you can find them. Those who have tasted these peaches may ever return, if they have the will to do so.

"Here, all are reconciled: love and truth, philosophy and religion, peace and activity. Above all we find harmony within ourselves and with others. Here is harmony with all Nature. Judgment is not judging others: it is having the judgment to bring harmony so there's no loss to any. Peace can only come with justice. Let us do justice to ourselves, and so we will be just to all, and so the Law of Love and Harmony prevails.  Thus, in harmony with ourselves, we are part of the Cosmos and the Music of the Spheres."

Archival links:
FOI Audio Gallery
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(Shrine of Libra, Foundation Center Temple, photo and audio copyright reserved)